The many years of experience and the technical training of our team in the design, study and execution of constructions are the "Tools" that ensure success in ideally dressing any professional and home space.

Design, Project Study

Our specialization combined with the use of high technology tools, offer professional and quality solutions. Each new project is based on your own high requirements and then undertaken by a team of trained designers, thus ensuring the guarantee of its excellent execution.

Hotel Equipment

Your high demands meet the perfect result and this is our basis in developing relationships of trust in larger projects, such as those of hotel equipment. Our consulting and practical contribution to the framing but also to the full coverage of the project, is always guided by the excellent quality, elegance and of course your own aspirations and needs.

Professional Spaces

Your dreams and ambitions are our priority. Thus, we invest together in the design of your space, with excellent materials and quality constructions, always with respect to your professional identity. Places such as shops, cafes, restaurants, super markets are for us the spearhead of our multilevel and many years of experience!

Business & Home Furniture

Furniture design can "refresh" the air of any space, which is why we always focus on detail, both in design and usability. The promotion of your home or business is our promise to you.

Kitchen, Wardrobe, Bedroom

When you open the door of your home, we know very well that the words functionality, safety, quality, flexibility and modern solutions are some of the words that concern you. We are here to turn all of the above into projects, always based on your personal style. The investment of the kitchen, the storage furniture, the bedrooms for the little ones and the big ones are some of what we can offer you.

Exhibition Areas

The design and composition of an exhibition space must be accompanied by detailed study and execution, always with the contribution of specialized professionals. Together we create construction solutions that will harmoniously frame every ¨Project¨ you want to promote. Thus upgrading the overall aesthetics of the space, with the most discreet touch.